about us


We are two active hunters who have chosen to breed our good hunting dogs. We would like to give hunting back to the Dachshunds.

Michael has been hunting for many years (since 1986) and Mette who "took up the challenge" and received her hunting license in 2006.

We started hunting with pointing dogs. But one day we totally fell in love with one of our friends Dachshund, Tenna (who accomplished flush out of 104 foxes in her lifetime). Her personality and the way she greeted people was just perfect.

We started to buy Sortemosen's A'kino in 2005, a wonderful dog, who was three years old when we got him. He already knew what hunting was about, and had flushed out 100 foxes when we purchased him.

When A'kino died, we were sure that we should purchase another one. We immediately contacted the breeder and ordered a male, from the same mother and father as our beloved Sortemosen A’kino. The result in 2008 was Sortemosen's Dalton.

In 2010 we fell for a female born in 2008 named Frida. She had never tried hunting before ...., but as it turned out, hunting fox certainly lies in her genes. She earned in just one year great results on the Den Test on fox, that she became Danish working Champion, later she became Swedish working Champion and Norwegian working Champion. She was the first Danish dachshund, who holds the title of Nordic working Champion on Den.

We have always used other hunting dogs, together with our Dachshunds. 


We are active in the Danish Huntingdachshunds Club (DJGK). 

Prior Michael was Fox Den training leader, trace maker for tracking test and was Den-test judge 2012 - 2016, DGK. Mette is his devoted assisting wife. Mette finished education as ring-steward on shows, in Danish Kennel Club (DKK) in 2014.  Michael is former board member and president of the national Dachshunds Club 2013-2016.


Breeding is our hobby.  We have a kennel, where all dogs are the center of our focus and a part of our family. Our dogs eat and sleep where the rest of the family does.

We live in an old villa circa 1923, with a big garden, in the middle of Ølstykke, Denmark, where the dogs can be where they like.  Our villa is located next to the old water mound (VANDHØJ), therefore the name of our kennel.

We also have a small cottage on top of a mountain in Dalarna, Sweden, with 16,000 hectares used for hunting; it is a wonderful place to relax for the whole family and is loved by both dogs and humans.

We have three grown children, who have already moved away from home however, they are all still active dog sitters. They often visit our dogs (and maybe us too).